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Dr. Vinny Francio (2 locations)
Essential Integrative Health & Oklahoma Spinal Surgery and Orthopedics
Community Hospital Campus at Fountain Park Medical Plaza
3110 SW 89th, Suite 200e
Oklahoma City, OK 73159
(405) 703-7302

Dr. Vinny Francio
Pain Management Department
Variety Care Straka Terraca
1025 Straka Terrace
Oklahoma City, OK 3139
(405) 632-6688



The West Hartford Group, Inc.
2320 Nott Street E, #9042 • Schenectady, NY 12309-9042• Phone: (518) 786-3649 email:

* Disclaimer: In many jurisdictions chiropractors are legally categorized and labeled as “physicians.” In WHG’s view chiropractors are primary spine care physicians and WHG supports and promotes this premise. WHG also recognizes, however, that some WHG members practice in jurisdictions where the term “physician” is title protected by law or otherwise restricted, consequently, a WHG member practicing in one of these areas has to be mindful of, and abide by, the laws, rules and regulations of his/her local jurisdiction when referring to him/herself or his or her practice. In areas where the term is restricted, a WHG chiropractor should refer to him- or herself as a doctor of chiropractic, chiropractic doctor, chiropractic practitioner, or provider or other nomenclature that comports with local law until such a time as the laws of local jurisdiction are modified and updated to allow the use of the term "physician."

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